ELETTRONICA AV | English Abstract Edition

To gain greater international visibility, ELETTRONICA AV has been enriched with a special English Abstract Edition, which will be published and distributed in digital format.Contents are carefully selected accordingly to three main topic-areas:
• Electronics market: economic data; national and international market scenarios; interviews.
• Companies: subjects of interest to enterprises and managers; in-depths on institutional approaches to global challenges and business opportunities.
• Innovation: technological contents related to R&D process for electronics, new devices and materials, “traditional” and “smart” applications.

ELETTRONICA AV English Abstract Edition is aimed at European International corporate managers, marketing and sales, buyers and purchasers, consultants and all electronics professionals.

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AV #11 | 2021
It’s time to invest

AV #10 | 2021
The price of the rebound

AV #09 | 2021
Electronics looks to “Green” economy

AV #08 | 2021
Electronics is back again

AV #07 | 2021
Who leads the recovery?

AV #06 | 2021
What awaits us in 2021?

AV #05 | 2020
What changes for us?

AV #04 | 2020
What is the right key?

AV #03 | 2020
Let’s look beyond

AV #02 | 2020
The masked recovery

AV #01 | 2020
Think positive!