September 23, 2023
The editorial Surprise candidate

"Surprise candidate"

by Fritz Walter |I would be inclined to say: let's laugh about it. It is a fact that the 60th presidential election in the history of the United States,...
Editorial_EAV_21 knight

"The Electric Knight"

by Fritz Walter |On Monday, June 12, 2023, Silvio Berlusconi left us. The news of the passing of the Cavaliere (as he is known to all) accompanied...
EAV editorial 20

"Erin Brockovich Strong as Truth."

by Fritz Walter |When in the editorial office we had to choose the cover image for this "second" 20th issue of Electronics AV magazine, the photo of this...
American Factory editorial film

"Made in the USA - A Factory in Ohio."

by Fritz Walter |It has been exactly one year since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and in these 12 months much has changed, or perhaps everything...
EAV Editorial 18

"Bonfire of the Vanities"

by Fritz Walter |In the mildest winter so far in history (one would be inclined to say "fortunately" if we also went to do a cost analysis...
editorial the king's speech

"The King's Speech"

by Fritz Walter |I am writing this editorial, and choosing this film, as I travel from Milan to Rome on this my first visit to the...
editorial election

"Film Festival on Election 2022"

By Fritz Walter | It is impossible to identify a single film to pass judgment on the recent general election, which, for the first time in 80 years,...
Editorial Nashville


by Fritz Walter |In this first post-election editorial (administrative, true, but still an election), finding a film to accompany me in expressing the 'Fritz...
Editorial EAV14

 "Slevin - Criminal Pact"

by Fritz Walter | Let's face it. This 2022, commercially speaking, is too good to be true. Turnover and orders are unrelenting; after...

"Battleship Potëmkin.

by Fritz Walter | And I thought I had seen it all in the last twenty years: a tsunami experienced first-hand at Christmas in...



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Electronics AV 22 Cover
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"Surprise candidate"

The editorial Surprise candidate
by Fritz Walter |I would be inclined to say: let's laugh about it. It is a fact that the 60e...




Elektronica presents Refond's new Flexible StripLEDs.

StripLED Refond Elektronica
Mini LEDs, optical sensors, optoisolators, transparent lasers, Ultra HD photon film, poleless dimming and...


Darton celebrates its first 40 years

A national dimension and a structured organization, a range of solutions from world-class suppliers, a consolidated turnover of 35 million euros and the goal of reaching 50 million in the next three years: ladies and gentlemen, Darton is turning 40.Established as a small distributor...