September 24, 2023
intelligent buildings dossier

Home automation and intelligent buildings: electronics are at home

by Virna Bottarelli |When we talk about intelligent buildings, the scenario of systems and solutions to which we refer is, to put it in the words of...
Standard Matter

Connectivity and interoperability in the smart home: the Matter standard arrives

The many interconnected products in use in our homes are intended to improve our quality of life. Yet, today's smart home...
Anie lighting

How lighting management is changing

"The lighting of buildings is currently going through an extremely interesting phase, driven by active technological research into luminaires and a now unceasing evolution of...
David Adeeb Kemet

A question of costs and benefits: Kemet's opinion

In many cases costs are a brake on the implementation of home and building automation systems. A reflection on the subject comes from David Adeeb,...



Read issue 22 of Electronics AV

Electronics AV 22 Cover
Issue 22 of Electronics AV - Independent periodical of information and opinions is available!Click here 👉...


"Surprise candidate"

The editorial Surprise candidate
by Fritz Walter |I would be inclined to say: let's laugh about it. It is a fact that the 60e...




Elektronica presents Refond's new Flexible StripLEDs.

StripLED Refond Elektronica
Mini LEDs, optical sensors, optoisolators, transparent lasers, Ultra HD photon film, poleless dimming and...


Darton celebrates its first 40 years

A national dimension and a structured organization, a range of solutions from world-class suppliers, a consolidated turnover of 35 million euros and the goal of reaching 50 million in the next three years: ladies and gentlemen, Darton is turning 40.Established as a small distributor...