January 29, 2023
Eaton Energy

Eaton: Italy improves on energy transition, but decarbonization still far off

Italy has made strides in terms of energy transition compared to 2021, but...

Renewable energy communities: where do we stand?

by Luca Negri | Country Manager GPBM ItalyThe current situation with regard to the sector...
Istat GDP

Istat: Italian GDP will slow down significantly in 2023

In early December, Istat published an analysis of the outlook for the Italian economy in 2022-2023, according to...

LEM celebrates a 50-year history in the sensor industry

LEM (Life Energy Motion) has turned 50 years old. In half a century of history, the company has...

Rutronik talks about: choices that pay off

For those who work at Rutronik, the customer relationship is the beacon that illuminates...
NXP Cardamon

NXP: technologies for an electrified and connected world

by Maria Cecilia Chiappani |Electrification, edge computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence: the tech world is going...
Cambridge GaN Devices

Cambdridge GaN Devices and IFP Energies: agreement to develop a new automotive inverter

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), the fabless company operating in the clean-tech sector that develops a range of...

Power electronics: Infineon Austria collaborates with the University of Zagreb

Infineon Austria and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Zagreb have initiated a...
turin automotive test

Polytechnic's new testing infrastructure for vehicle monitoring in Turin, Italy

The Polytechnic University of Turin unveiled on Nov. 3 the CARS-HEV infrastructure for testing...
AvnetAbacus_Bourns Award

To Avnet Abacus a Bourns award for distribution.

Avnet Abacus, a distributor of interconnection products, passive components, electromechanical devices and power units, and a regional division of Avnet , has been awarded...
business intelligence data

Business Intelligence: 2023 trends according to Qlik

The year 2022 was a difficult year from a historical, social and economic point of view, which also deeply touched the structure of the...
distrelec weller tools

Distrelec offers an all-in-one soldering station from Weller Tools

Distrelec introduces Weller Tools' new WXsmart smart welding platform to the market.The WXsmart platform consists of a 2-channel soldering station and...

Advanced filter technology for three-phase power supply

EMI-RFI filters are required to attenuate common-mode and differential-mode electromagnetic interference (or noise). While they are simple in line...


Cover Electronics AV 18

Read issue 18 of Electronics AV

Issue 18 of Electronics AV - Independent periodical of information and opinions is available!Click...


"Bonfire of the Vanities"

EAV Editorial 18
by Fritz Walter |In the mildest winter so far in history (one would be inclined to say "fortunately" if we went...


Elektronica with Refond at Light+Building and electronica 2022

Innovation and development, without these new technologies would not progress and Refond would...




Darton celebrates its first 40 years

A national dimension and a structured organization, a range of solutions from world-class suppliers, a consolidated turnover of 35 million euros and the goal of reaching 50 million in the next three years: ladies and gentlemen, Darton is turning 40.Established as a small distributor...